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Feds Find Patterns of Excessive Force in APD

A scathing report has been released by the Department of Justice that accuses Albuquerque Police Department of engaging in patterns and practices of excessive force. 

After a spike in officer-involved shootings, federal investigators spent 16 months poring over police reports and interviewing hundreds of people who claim they or their family members were victims of police brutality.  


On Thursday, April 10, acting Assistant Attorney General Jocelyn Samules announced the results of that investigation, saying their intention is to ensure that constitutional laws are being upheld. 


"We have determined that there is reasonable cause to believe that the Albuquerque Police Department engages in a pattern or practice of use of excessive force including the use of unreasonable deadly force."


Samuels says complete systematic reform is necessary within the Albuquerque Police Department and called for independent external oversight.