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Obama Action Doesn't Include Parents Of Dreamers

Rita Daniels

A group of university students who have been petitioning for immigration reform gathered to watch President Obama’s televised address as he announced an executive action that will protect nearly 5 million people from being deported. 

The group, mostly made up of students who call themselves the UNM Dream Team, listened intently as President Obama touted that most immigrants are a net plus to the nation's economy and society.

“These people, our neighbors, our classmates, our friends, they did not come here in search of a free ride or an easy life,” Obama said. “They came to work, to study, to serve in our military and, most of all, to contribute to America’s success.”

Even though the President’s decision will allow millions of undocumented students to safely come out of the shadows, it does not protect the parents of those students. That was upsetting to Christopher Ramirez, one of the student organizers with the UNM Dream Team.

“The saddest thing is to look into a student’s eye,” Ramirez said, “and tell them that their parents are not protected under this administrative relief policy announced by the President.”

But Ramirez said the UNM Dream Team is going to continue fighting for all of their families.

An immigration reform bill that passed in the House has been stalled in the Senate for more than 500 days.


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