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Lawmakers Propose Roll Back On Renewable Energy

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Legislation to drop the 20 percent renewable requirement for public electric utilities is making its way through committees at the Roundhouse. Current law requires that 20 percent of a public utility’s energy come from wind, solar or geothermal by the end of 2020.

The state’s largest utility, PNM, declined to comment on the House bill, saying only that they believe this is a decision for lawmakers.

But Camilla Feibelman with the Sierra Club says removing the 20 percent in 2020 benchmark is odd considering the volatile costs of fossil fuels and the environmental impacts from burning coal.

“Our question is why don’t we want a healthier way to power the state?” Feibelman asked. “Why don’t we want the job creation that has come with renewables?”

The bill has already been amended and will go before the House Energy Environment and Natural Resource Committee for a second time on Friday.

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