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NM 'Could Get Hammered' By El Niño

Rita Daniels
Meteorologist says El Niño could drop significant amounts of snow in NM over the winter."

Mild temperatures and the turning of the leaves are reminders that summer is officially over. In the coming months New Mexico is well positioned to trap significant amounts of moisture from the third strongest ElNiñoon record


Kerry Jones is with the National Weather Service and said even though precipitation has been a little inconsistent lately, it’s looking like El Niño could dump a ton of snow and rain across New Mexico this winter.


“And I’m seeing big smiles,” Jones exclaimed, “because the El Niño pattern that’s in place currently, it’s a strong signal with the odds tilted towards deep snow. So let’s all get excited!”


Jones said typically strong El Niño systems stretch out like taffy across the Southwest and that the southern end of those slow moving systems tend to break off and linger at lower latitudes which means the central and southern mountains in New Mexico could really get hammered with snow.


He said it’s not out of the question that northern New Mexico will also reap the benefits of the strong El Niño pattern.

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