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Kaveh Mowahed

Reporter, News Host

Kaveh Mowahed has filled several roles in KUNM’s news department over the years while working toward a PhD in the History of Medicine at UNM. He started as an intern in 2013 and has been a reporter, producer, host, and data analyst with us since then. Kaveh studied print journalism at Arizona State University, but soon after earning a bachelor’s degree he found his love for radio. Kaveh thinks hearing is the most valuable of the senses because of how it engages the imagination. When he’s not reporting or editing audio for the radio, he loves being home listening to records or romping around the mountains on a bicycle or snowboard.

  • Let’s Talk New Mexico 6/16 8am: Last November President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed both houses of Congress and was signed into law after almost six months of debate. The final negotiations among legislators left the price tag for the bill at $1.2 trillion, about half of which will make its way to states over the next several years to improve drinking water distribution systems, rebuild roads and bridges, and modernize travel with updated airports and a system of electric vehicle charging stations.
  • While emergency shelters are going up all around northern New Mexico for people fleeing wildfires, animal welfare organizations are banding together to make sure furry family members have a place to run to.
  • On any given day, up to 400,000 people with mental illnesses are in jails and prisons across the United States. That’s according to a report by the Legislative Finance Committee, which also found that people with mental health diagnoses are likely to spend more time behind bars. Now the New Mexico Supreme Court has created a new commission to address how the criminal justice system responds to those facing mental health issues.
  • Bernalillo County District Attorney Raúl Torrez this week asked a state court for a default judgment in a civil case against the New Mexico Civil Guard militia after a former leader said in a deposition that he intentionally destroyed many of the organization’s records.
  • On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico we’ll dig into the junior appropriations bill, how to fix it for the sake of transparency, and the ethical considerations when it comes to spending the peoples’ money. We’ll also talk over culture in the legislature and the multiple allegations of untoward behavior by lawmakers like thwarting opponents' in elections (within the rules) and sexual harassment allegations.
  • A report from the Veteran’s Administration released this week is drawing rebuke from members of New Mexico’s congressional delegation because of its recommendation to close VA health clinics in Gallup, Las Vegas, Raton and Española.
  • A newly signed law will make it legal to possess tests to show if a drug contains fentanyl, the number one killer of adults 18-45. But last year, a bill to authorize safe drug consumption sites failed to pass the legislature. On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico we’ll dive into harm reduction strategies, whether they work and why they make people so uncomfortable.
  • This is episode 13 of this year’s #YNMG, and it’s a wrap-up show. We hosted a reporters’ roundtable earlier this week on Facebook Live and put the video up on the KUNM and New Mexico In Focus Facebook pages, but we realize not everyone engages with Facebook so we’re giving you the audio here as a podcast episode.We recorded ten days after the session ended. The break gave us a chance to reflect on what lawmakers accomplished this year and to think about topics that we’re likely to see again through the year in special sessions, interim committee meetings, and even in the 2023 legislative session.
  • The session ended about a week ago. Now that we’ve had some time to catch our breath, take a nap, and really assess what was accomplished, we’re going to do a live wrap-up show. And you’re invited to join us and to contribute comments or questions.On Monday, February 28th, join #YNMG for a Facebook Live event where we’ll ask journalists who spent the last month focused on the lawmaking process what they saw, what surprised them, and which issues we’re likely to revisit either in a special session this year or in 2023.
  • Santa Fe is in desperate need of more housing, especially homes that are affordable to its working-class. Homewise, a non-profit that helps people with home ownership, wants to purchase an open lot where they’d build 160 homes, but neighbors say the project is not what they were promised.