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Judge Hears Testimony In Teacher Evaluation Case

Night Owl City via Flickr
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New Mexico’s new teacher evaluation system relies heavily on student test scores and classroom observations. It’s divided educators over how to determine whether a teacher is effective. Testimony continued Tuesday in a case that could decide the future of the teacher evaluation system in New Mexico.

Paym Green runs a charter school in Albuquerque. She told the judge her teachers think the new system is great because if they get a low rating it requires them to develop a growth plan.


“It’s meaningful to them," Green said. "They love the fact that they have the ability to change their teaching practices for the better and that it’s their choice to do that.”  


Two teachers unions brought the lawsuit against the state arguing the teacher evaluation system is flawed, that it jeopardizes some teachers’ licenses and that it’s causing teachers to leave the profession in droves.


The judge is expected to rule on a temporary halt to the system in the coming days. He’s said he will consider a permanent ban of the evaluation system in April.

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