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Monitor: Fatal Flaws In Draft APD Policies

Rita Daniels

The independent monitor responsible for overseeing reform of the Albuquerque Police Department said the new policies APD has drafted so far have been poorly organized and difficult to understand.

In his first APD reform progress report, James Ginger said there are fatal flaws in some of APD’s draft policies, including a new use-of-force policy, which hasn’t been completed yet.  

A spokesperson for APD said they have until next summer to complete the new use-of-force policy, but that they’re required to start training officers with it starting in January, 2016.

Ginger said in the progress report that there is still time for APD to correct course. He’s required to file three progress reports a year for two years. After that, the frequency of his reporting will taper off.

The reform comes after an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice found that APD engaged in a pattern of excessive force and unconstitutional policing.

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