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Wider access to rural EV chargers could start in Walmart parking lots

EV fast charging station by Electrify America at Walmart in Maryland.
Ken Fields
EV fast charging station by Electrify America at Walmart in Maryland.

Walmart is planning to add thousands of electric vehicle charging stations at its stores across the nation by 2030.

Some of those chargers could help provide rural New Mexicans much-needed equity that’s oftenlacking in modern EV infrastructure.

With around 90% Americans living within 10 miles of a Walmart, the mega corporation’s plan to start rolling out more chargers could be a game changer in underserved communities and the wider electric vehicle market.

In an emailed statement to KUNM, Walmart says it’s putting an emphasis on rural, low- and moderate-income communities –– though, it’s not clear which locations will get the fast chargers and how the company plans to prioritize the sites.

When asked specifically about New Mexico’s stores, Walmart Press Director Charles Crowson said “Those markets are being identified and will be shared at a later date.”

Walmart and Sam’s Club have over 1,300 existing fast chargers at more than 280 locations, some of which are in New Mexico.

The move is the latest in a wider trend of corporations introducing their own EV networks, such as Subway and the convenience store chain 7-Eleven.

Bryce Dix is our local host for NPR's Morning Edition.
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