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“The Other Side Of My Heart”: An Interview With Alejandro Rutty

Sat. 2/17, 4:15p: On Corazón Tanguero, a conversation hosted by Cristina Baccin with musician and composer Alejandro Rutty, currently Associate Professor of Music at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro about “The other side of my heart”, an exquisite new album deeply grounded in the lives of immigrant women with the creative lyrics of Lorena Guillén and her bright soprano voice. Sometimes a dreamy jazzy atmosphere crosses the genres from tango to Argentinian zamba without you noticing where the bridges of these complex compositions transport you.

In this album, Lorena Guillén Tango Ensemblebrings the listener real life stories  of immigrant melancholy, that essential flavor of tango. In this conversation, Alejandro Rutty shares the creative process he follows in constructing this audio-collage.   

Lorena Guillén Tango Ensemble:

  • Lorena Guillen, voice and artistic director
  • Alejandro Rutty, piano, bass and arranger
  • Jacqui Carrasco, violin
  • Eric Willie, percussion
  • Adam Ricci, piano
  • Guy Capuzzo, guitar
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