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Old-Fashioned Milongas: All Live Music

Poster A-B-Q Tango Fest

Sat. 3/3, 4:15p: Today, on CORAZÓN TANGUERO show, host Cristina Baccin speaks with A-B-Q TANGO FEST organizers, Erskine Maytorena &  Olga S. Tikhovidova. The festival will take place on March 14-18 (at First United Methodist Church). It`s an unique initiative of all live tango music (no Djs) with a total of 50 musicians from US and guest artists from Argentina, Japan, The Netherlands, Russia, Italy, Canada. Some of the featured groups include: Cuarteto Puentes (San Francisco), Tango Nero Quartet (San Francisco), Qtango Quartet (Albuquerque), Tango Llaneros Sexteto (Lubbock), ABQ Fest Orquesta Grandissimo, Orquesta Tutti and Folias Duo.  
More info: https://www.qtango.com
First United Methodist Church is located at 315 Coal Ave SW (Albuquerque, NM, USA)

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