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Elena "Ro" Wegmann

  • Albuquerque based band Nympf sheds goth and synth light onto KUNM studios! Let them bestow their knowledge and wisdom of synthwave and the lesser known ways to channel the dark arts.
  • Dynamic Garage Rock Duo Castle Doctor came in to debut their new tracks and share their summer adventures! Listen in to check out their newest material, to hear about their travels as professional musicians, and the shared wisdom learned on the road.
  • Local Black Metal band Spectral Decay got ready for Halloween early with a KUNM Studio Session! Check out their live set, and listen to their interview with highlights on their connection to the local scene, essential Black Metal listening, and the power of D.I.Y.
  • Overwhelm performed their Emo-Doom and Shoegaze set on June 7th. Listen to their interview to follow, sharing insight to how the ever classic Emo genre sounds today, and how the Albuquerque scene has evolved and grown to reflect its community.
  • On May 15th THC Worm made a special intergalactic landing on earth for a KUNM Studio session. Listen in to this Albuquerque based (and beyond!) band's psychedelic funk rock tracks encapsulating the human experience with insightful afrofuturistic flair.
  • 5/2/23 - Mal Paraiso in studio with host Elena "Ro" Wegmann
  • Tue. 4/4/23: Protean Depths stopped by KUNM's Studio A for an experimental ambient noise performance and conversation with Elena "Ro" Wegmann. Listen in to learn more about the artist's creative process and musical influences.