Fire Breaks Out (Again) At South Valley Recycling Yard

May 16, 2016

A large fire broke out at a metal recycling plant in Albuquerque early Saturday morning. Bernalillo County issued a warning to neighbors during the fire, saying to stay inside and not breathe the potentially toxic smoke.

People living near Albuquerque Metals Recycling’s facility near Southwest Albuquerque have long complained about fires and air pollution, from this and other industrial businesses in the area. The Bernalillo County Fire Department says fires at the recycling plant have happened frequently. 

“At least ten times over the last decade. So we average about one a year, going out to this for fire activities,” says Scott Aragon, Deputy Chief of Fire Operations. He says crews were able to put the fire out in about four hours. The business has had code violations in the past, Aragon says, but the cause of this fire is still under investigation.

The fire comes as Albuquerque Metals Recycling is applying for a permit with the county to expand its operations in the south valley.