Local Indie Synth Pop For Your Soul

Aug 14, 2015

Tue. 8/18 3:30: Freeform host Jered Ebenrek invites two members of "Lindy Vision" into the studio to discuss their new album "the art of being synthy" and the state of music in today’s media landscape.  This is how they describe themselves on their band website:

"Lindy Vision is a three-piece band originating from Albuquerque. They’re made up of lead vocalist/synth Dorothy Cuylear, lead-guitarist Natasha Cuylear, and drummer/beat maker Carla Cuylear.  Over the years, the band has crafted a unique sound that is highly influenced by 80s new wave. The band manages to maintain a pop element with catchy melodies while also revealing honest personal experiences with their raw lyrical content.  The band to date has self-released several mixed tapes.  In the summer of 2015, the band released, Luck and Life."