Jered Ebenreck


I love to explore the terrain of meaning to be found in the underground sounds that move the full human system towards an experience of sound as inspiration, collaboration, and evolution == personally and collectively.  I have been a radio DJ for 18 years from college radio in Maryland to KGNU, Boulder to WOMR, Provincetown to KUNM in 2004.

Fresh! is an electronically oriented mix show that each DJ treats differently--I like to feature local DJs that play offbeat beat-driven music in New Mexico.  I personally mix as a DJ featuring the best in recent dub, dubstep, minimal house/techno, aggressive ghetto-tech, Baltimore club, kuduro, instrumental hip hop, electro pop, and get-down music. 

Spoken Word Hour as I host it, focuses on a sound collage format for voices to float in the midst of.

Ways to Connect

Tue. 8/18 3:30: Freeform host Jered Ebenrek invites two members of "Lindy Vision" into the studio to discuss their new album "the art of being synthy" and the state of music in today’s media landscape.  This is how they describe themselves on their band website: