Poll Watchers Heading To 15 N.M. Counties

Nov 7, 2016

Anxiety about voter intimidation has laced the final weeks of a tense election cycle around the country. But one nonpartisan organization in New Mexico is ready to help. 

Common Cause is sending poll watchers to 15 New Mexico counties to answer questions or provide help if voters run into trouble. Diane Wood heads the election protections program. "Our goal is to get out every eligible voter we can in New Mexico," she said. "It doesn’t matter who they’re voting for. We are there to help all voters."

She said those workers are trained in helping people who experience intimidation at the polls, though Common Cause hasn’t caught wind of anything indicating that will be a problem. The organization is nonpartisan and is ready to help anyone who’s exercising their right to vote. "The most important thing in our democracy is that we have the right to vote," she said. "It’s a right that our forefathers and foremothers have fought for that people should take advantage of."

Common Cause said someone who’s feeling intimidated should do three things: One, don’t engage. Two, go inside and vote. Three, call their multilingual hotline at 1-866-Our-Vote.

The N.M. Secretary of State’s Office will also have a toll-free voter hotline available at 1-800-477-3632.