Project ECHO Helps First Responders Connect To Experts And Colleagues

Jan 17, 2020

University Showcase, Friday 01/17 8a: First responders undergo enormous stress on their jobs. They run into burning buildings, pull people from mangled cars, respond to mass shootings, help people overdosing on drugs and treat patients in emergency rooms. Many struggle at times with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and thoughts of suicide.

It can be difficult to acknowledge the need for help to colleagues. Now Project ECHO is working to make that easier by connecting first responders with experts and with one another to talk through these issues and get help on how to deal with them. On this episode we talk with Paramedic Lieutenant Bryan Breeswine of the Albuquerque Fire Department and Dr. Joanna Katzman, medical director and senior associate director with the ECHO Institute at the University of New Mexico.

Project ECHO telemedicine meeting

ECHO has used its telemedicine program successfully in a number of ways, including treating Hepatitis C and help providers in rural areas address an array of illnesses. It brings together experts to mentor colleagues remotely.

First responders can register online here to join the weekly meetings. For more information, contact Karina Dow at 

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