“A Self-Portrait of a People”

Jul 6, 2015

Mon. 7/6, 7p: “Hispanic Folk Music of New Mexico and the Southwest” is a fine folk music portrait written by  John Donald Robb based on his 1941-1979 collection (published by UNM Press)

Dr. Enrique Lamadrid and Jack Loeffler guide us through this music treasure of around 3.000 songs available to the public through John Donald Robb Trust.

Mr. Jack Loeffler with host Cristina
Credit Picture: Robert Valdez

Besides, you can enjoy a longer conversation here with Jack Loeffler in his studio. Mr. Loeffler is a musician, a historian, an environmental activist, and a Southwest lover:  music, popular culture, counterculture, and especially, the gentes of this land are the inspiration of his work:

Check on Jack Loeffler´s Archives of songs here