SOS Duran Resigns, Pleads Guilty To Embezzlement - What Now?

Oct 27, 2015

KUNM Call In Show 10/29, 8a: Secretary of State Dianna Duran resigned last week and pleaded guilty to charges including felony embezzlement for taking campaign donations and using them to gamble at local casinos. The deputy secretary of state is filling in, but what happens next?

Duran said she never touched public money and she remains eligible to collect her state pension. Do you think that's fair?

Gov. Susana Martinez is soliciting suggestions for a replacement. Whom should she nominate?

The secretary of state's office canceled plans for a public hearing on new campaign finance rules. What did those rules look like and do they stand a chance of being implemented now? Will the state be ready to administer presidential elections next year?


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