Tackling Alzheimer’s and dementia in New Mexico

Feb 20, 2020

  University Showcase 2/21 8a: Alzheimer’s and dementia represent a growing crisis around the world and New Mexico faces many challenges in addressing these illnesses.

On this episode we highlight a conference organized by the Alzheimer's Foundation of America coming to the University of New Mexico on February 25.

It is open to the public and no tickets are required, but participants can register here.


We also talk with Dr. Gary Rosenberg, founder of the UNM Memory & Aging Center.

The center opened in 2016 and focuses on advancing research on dementia and helping expand care around the state.

And we check in one with Nicole Maphis, Ph.D candidate in UNM’s Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program, who is working on a vaccine for Alzheimer’s with Kiran Bhaskar, an associate professor in UNM’s Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, and Bryce Chackerian, Professor and Vice Chair, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. Find the previous interview we did with these researchers here.



  • Dr. Gary Rosenberg, professor of neurology and founder of the Memory & Aging Center and UNM
  • Charles Fuschillo, CEO, Alzheimer's Foundation of America
  • Nicole Maphis, Ph.D candidate in UNM’s Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program