Voices Behind The Vote: A Lifelong Republican

Nov 2, 2016

If you live in a rural part of New Mexico where your nearest neighbor is miles away, it could be tempting to just tune out this year’s election. But David Doler says he can’t ignore things like Social Security, Medicare or any talk of infringing on a person’s right to keep and bear arms.

“Anyone has the right to own and carry a firearm in their own defense, defense of their country, or their home or their neighbors,” Doler said. “That right must be guarded and restricted to law-abiding citizens who have a respect for that right.” He said he opposes a universal background check.

Doler lives on 10 acres in the central highlands of New Mexico in the southern tip of Valencia County, and his daughter lives next door on another 30 acres. He’s 75-years-old, and he’s been interested and involved in presidential campaigns his entire life.  

“The only reason I’m so much in favor of Donald Trump is because he’s sort of my club—he’s my personal club—against the existing crop of politicians,” Doler said. “He’s a total outsider.”

Editor's Note: It was The Chicago Tribune that ran the inaccurate headline in the Truman/Dewey election, not The New York Times as Doler describes.