"We Don’t Need No Stinking Water"

Sep 21, 2014

Credit Ian Sane

Mon. Sept. 22, 7p: "We don´t need no stinking water" … when clean water, fresh air and renewable energy is right here, waiting to be used wisely!

Host Adam Aguirre sits down with Vicente García, director of Juntos New Mexico, and Eduardo García (no relation), a community organizer at the same organization, to discuss the recent launching of the program, and its mission to organize and articulate the many and specific needs, values, and voices of Latino families and of Latino communities locally, and within the greater regional and national conservation movements.

Credit https://www.facebook.com/JuntosNM/

Looking beyond relating precious resources and environmental issues to only the so-called cultural and traditional aspects of, and impact on, Latino communities, Juntos New Mexico points out that the real interests, needs, and issues around water, air and energy in those communities also concern the real impact of environmental damage, pollution, and waste today. 

Besides, it is related with the health and safety of those working in resource industries or living in areas near their operation sites now, and with how to include their voices in the policies and practices of management, commercialization, and conservation of these vital resources for the future.  It seems that the organized economic and voting power of Latino families in New Mexico is a resource to also be considered.

Clean water, fresh air, and a reliable source of energy: that’s what it takes to raise a family, or to power up a grassroots campaign, in New Mexico.