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Who Gets To Use The Carson National Forest, And For What?

Greg Westfall via Flickr
Carson National Forest

KUNM Call In Show 5/12 8a: The U.S. Forest Service is rewriting its plans for all the national forests in New Mexico including the Carson National Forest in the northern part of the state, which covers 1.3 million acres. Part of that plan includes deciding if more areas should be designated as wilderness. This could impact everything from water management to grazing and recreational activities. Some longtime residents fear this will bring more restrictions on things like fishing, grazing and agriculture.


How will the plan balance environmental protection and the needs of residents near forest lands to earn a living? Why do we have public lands? What would it mean to have more wilderness areas? We want to hear from you. Email callinshow@kunm.org or call in live during the show.



* Arturo ArchuletaNew Mexico Land Grant Council

* MichaelCasaus, New Mexico State Director of The Wilderness Society

* Audrey Kuykendall, Planning and Minerals Staff Offier, U.S. Forest Service-Carson National Forest

* Moises Morales, Rio Arriba County Clerk

*David Sanchez, New Mexico Stockman's Association


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