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New Mexico and The Vote Ep. 1 - The West Leads The Way

Tuesday, 8/4, 8a: The American Southwest played a key role in the woman suffrage battle, as Western states led the charge to ratify the 19th Amendment. New Mexico’s fight to ensure women the right to vote, however, had a much different trajectory. 

Illustration by Hy Mayer shows a torch-bearing female labeled "Votes for Women," symbolizing the awakening of the nation's women to the desire for suffrage, striding across the western states, where women already had the right to vote, toward the east where women are reaching out to her.

After the Mexican-American War ended in 1848, the United States took over the territory once belonging to Mexico. Unlike other states that would be carved out of these lands, New Mexico had a lot of Spanish-speaking U.S. citizens, a legacy of conquest and colonization starting in the 1500s. That included women who were accustomed to more rights than women held in the United States. Host Megan Kamerick explores New Mexico’s unique history, and the key figures, many of them Hispanic women, who played an essential role in bringing the right to vote to the Land of Enchantment.


Cathleen Cahill, Associate Professor of History, Penn State

Dr. Sylvia Ramos Cruz, retired physician and women’s rights advocate

Robert Martinez, New Mexico State Historian

Virginia Scharff, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of New Mexico

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Megan has been a journalist for 25 years and worked at business weeklies in San Antonio, New Orleans and Albuquerque. She first came to KUNM as a phone volunteer on the pledge drive in 2005. That led to volunteering on Women’s Focus, Weekend Edition and the Global Music Show. She was then hired as Morning Edition host in 2015, then the All Things Considered host in 2018. Megan was hired as News Director in 2021.
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