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New Mexico and The Vote Ep 2 - The Final Push

  Tuesday 8/11, 8a: We continue our look at the history of women's suffrage in New Mexico and the ultimate ratification of the 19th Amendment, including an intriguing corrido about women and the vote.

In the first episode we explored the history of suffrage in the West, including its links to colonization and white supremacy, and how New Mexico’s history differed sharply from those other Western states.  In this episode we pick up the thread after the 1910 constitutional convention ahead of statehood in 1912 which gave women limited suffrage by allowing them to vote in school elections.

From there, we will introduce some of the key individuals who used a variety of methods and strategies to push New Mexico over the finish line toward ratification.

Quirina Córdova Medina, who sings the corrido in this episode, holding a photo of her grandmother Isabel Córdova, who made the first known recording of the corrido.

  We will also share a hidden gem uncovered during our research, a rare and unique song, called “El corrido de la votación” or The Ballad of the Vote and explain why this piece in and of itself was such a strong argument for gender equality.



Megan has been a journalist for 25 years and worked at business weeklies in San Antonio, New Orleans and Albuquerque. She first came to KUNM as a phone volunteer on the pledge drive in 2005. That led to volunteering on Women’s Focus, Weekend Edition and the Global Music Show. She was then hired as Morning Edition host in 2015, then the All Things Considered host in 2018. Megan was hired as News Director in 2021.
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