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Local Behavioral Health Provider To Step In As Arizona Firm Closes

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A Las Cruces behavioral health provider will take over clients of La Frontera, an Arizona firm that is shutting down its New Mexico offices.

Matt Kennicott from the state Human Services Department says many staff members from La Frontera are applying to work at La Clinica de Familia and that that will make the transition go smoothly.

"People who are seeing their current providers will continue seeing their providers even after the switching of companies is made," Kennicott said.

La Frontera will close on June 30 with La Clinica de Familia taking over officially on July 1.

In 2013, there were service interruptions for some behavioral health clients when 15 local providers had their Medicaid funding frozen. That’s when five Arizona firms, including La Frontera, opened offices in New Mexico. 

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