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Remedies For Seasonal Allergies

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Pollen grains from common plants

KUNM Call In Show 3/31 8a:

The winds have picked up, pollen counts are high, and people around the state are coping with stuffed sinuses, respiratory troubles, and puffy eyes. We’ll talk to experts who help people find both natural and pharmaceutical solutions to these daily woes. Plus, we’ll learn about why plants have such a devastating effect on us.

How bad does it get for you? What do you do this time of year to keep symptoms in check? Have you always had seasonal allergies or did they come on during adulthood? Or maybe you just don’t get the whole allergy thing and wonder what everyone’s complaining about. We want to hear from you. Email callinshow@kunm.org or call in live during the show.


Dr. Richard Wachs, allergist and immunologist, Breathe America

• Dr. Monica Lucero, Red Root Acupuncture & Herbs

• Dr. Reba Eagles, Original Medicine

• Tim Lowrey, UNM professor and botanist

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