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Backyard Wildlife

Kulli Kittus on Unsplash

Sat. 4/30 9a: What's wild about your backyard? This time on The Children's Hour we explore creating a backyard or balcony to attract wildlife, in a visit with a "more than human geographer" Laurel Ladwig. She's part of a movement of conservationists encouraging people to increase habitats around our homes. Planting flowers and other plants in order to attract wildlife to our yards helps critters who need more nectar, pollen, shade and food to survive in our artificial urban environments.

Some wild creatures are dangerous like rattlesnakes, but others only look scary, like vinegaroons. Both live in Kids' Crewmember Cade's yard in the southwestern mountains. How can we encourage species that we enjoy while discouraging species we would rather not attract?

We learn about why it's so important to seek out plants which are native to where we live. Here's an online site where you can learn more about what species can thrive around you, and survive the effects of climate change.

The kids also meet Jim Battaglia from Wildlife Rescue of New Mexico, to learn what to do when we find injured wild animals in our yards, parks and playgrounds.

This show is mixed with excellent music to encourage everyone to get outside, and plant something.

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