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Eclectic, energetic, enriching radio for kids of all ages. 

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  • Sat. 1/22 9a: Imagine a world where kindness is a habit. The Kids Crew explore kindness, as a practice, science and feeling on this edition of The Children's Hour.We're joined by Lindsay Munroe, a singer-songwriter who specializes in music to build caring communities of children.Acts of kindness are more than just beneficial for the recipient, givers are also rewarded. We discover the science of kindness, and how it's a gift that keeps on giving.We've created a free, downloadable learn-along guide on Kindness, which meets national education standards. Download it for free, grab some crayons, pens, markers, and pencils and come along with us as we cultivate kindness. Find it at https://ChildrensHour.org/kindness/This show is mixed with inspiring, joyful music that promotes kindness.
  • Sat. 1/15 9a: This time on The Children’s Hour, we’re learning all about earthquakes and volcanoes with Dr. Mousumi Roy, a University of New Mexico professor of Physics and Astronomy with a specialty in Earth Sciences.Dr. Roy explains to our Kids Crew how scientists study earthquakes and volcanoes, and we explore the connection between earthquakes and volcanoes on our volatile planet.
  • Sat. 1/8 9a: This week on The Children’s Hour we learn about porcupines from the leading researchers in New Mexico, kids in the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Project.Find out about these elusive giant rodents, and learn how to spot them in trees.Mixed with great music celebrating porcupines.
  • Sat. 12/11 9a: This time on The Children's Hour, the Kids Crew are joined by the Grammy winning "King of The Dance Party" himself: Father Goose Music.
  • Sat. 11/27 9a: This week on The Children’s Hour, it’s the season of gratitude, and we’re grateful for some of the most important people in our lives: our…
  • Sat. 11/20 9a: This week on The Children's Hour we'll explore New Zealand through stories and songs, and in conversation with our friends, Kiwi musicians…
  • Sat 11/13 9a: This time on The Children’s Hour, in honor of Veteran’s Day on November 11, we re-visit the Museum of the American Military Family in…
  • Sat. 10/30 9a: It's Halloween on The Children's Hour, and we're digging into pumpkins! We learn the history of Jack-o-Lanterns, how many pumpkins we use…
  • Sat. 10/23 9a: This week on The Children’s Hour, we learn about what it means to create live music with purpose. Grammy winning children’s musicians, Dan…
  • Sat. 10/16 9a: Does an animal have to be adorable to be appreciated? This week on The Children’s Hour, we’re covering under-appreciated animals. How do…