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  • We’re celebrating dads for Father’s Day with a musical special. As we think about our fathers, we remember the important role they play in our families, and our lives with their nurturing, love, and care. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads from all of us on The Children’s Hour.
  • This time on The Children's Hour, we learn about one of the planet's most ancient species that's still around today: lungfish.
  • This time on The Children's Hour, we immerse ourselves in good vibes for summertime fun with a soundtrack featuring the best in new Kindie music, and a classic Bill Harley story about the terror of the high dive, and the power of unrequited love. Be uplifted with us and spread the joy of summer.
  • This Week on The Children’s Hour:Water TreatmentThis week on The Children’s Hour, how do cities and towns ensure the water coming out of our tap is clean, and where does it come from? Then, when we flush or when water goes down the drain, where does it go and how is it cleaned?
  • Celebrate Mother's Day with a musical Children's Hour, featuring some of our favorite "Kindie" musicians honoring mothers through shoutouts and songs. We even hear from our host, Katie Stone's mom!
  • Kid Pan Alley is an organization that empowers kids around the United States to write their own songs. Were joined this time on The Children's Hour by Paul and Cheryl Reisler who have written more than 2,500 songs with more than 70,000 children over the last 30 years.
  • Coming up on The Children’s Hour, we’re going to the moon. Our guests include The Bad Astronomer, Dr. Phil Plait who explains how the moon was formed in a conversation with Kids Crew member Thaniel and Katie.
  • What’s wild about your backyard? This time on The Children’s Hour we explore creating a backyard or balcony to attract wildlife in a visit with a “more than human geographer” Laurel Ladwig. She’s part of a movement of reconciliation ecologists who are encouraging people to increase habitats around our homes to help critters who need more nectar, pollen, shade and food to survive in our artificial urban environments.
  • This time on The Children’s Hour, New Mexico Poet Laureate Lauren Camp inspires us to find our poet within, putting our feelings, thoughts, stories and ideas into words to create our own poetry. Featuring poems read by Bob Odenkirk, Joy Harjo, and others, we celebrate poetry and explore our own poet within each one of us.
  • This time on The Children’s Hour we learn about the concept of querencia: the feeling of “home” in a place, and with our communities. Using poetry, imagery, history, music and sharing, we explore the elements of home with our special guest from the Center for Social Sustainable Systems, Alicia Chavez.