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Whistles & Flutes

Rajesh Rajput on Unsplash

Sat 9/20 9a: On this episode of The Children's Hour, we explore the oldest wind instruments in the world: whistles and flutes through stories, poetry and music, with special guests Dr. Crawford McCallum, Enid Howarth, and flutist Ingrid Berg.

We learn about the ancient types of whistles, why they were used, and how the sounds change when flutes came into play. Hear the ancient okarina, a double pipe flute, and the boatswain's whistle.

This episode is filled with stories where whistles and flutes play significant roles in the tales, including the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and others.

We also hear poetry celebrating whistles, and the entire episode is mixed with excellent music. Get ready to whistle along with The Children's Hour!

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