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Photo by Zoe Rossman

This week on The Children’s Hour:


This time on The Children's Hour, we learn about a canine that is thriving across North America: coyotes.

They may look like wild dogs, but we learn from biologist Zoe Rossman that they are quite different from our friendly house pets.

Coyotes are opportunists, and will eat whatever they can: from garbage to cats. Originally from the desert southwestern United States and Mexico, coyotes are now found in every city in America.

Their haunting barks, yips and eerie howls sound spooky at night. But coyotes serve an important role in our ecosystem, including helping keep rodents in check.

The wily ways of coyotes have inspired stories for thousands of years, and one from the Pueblo of Santa Ana in New Mexico has been turned into a story by Emmett "Shkeme" Garcia, illustrated by Victoria Pringle. Beth from our Kids Crew reviews the book, Coyote and the Sky: How the Sun, Moon, and Stars Began.

This episode is mixed with great music, and loaded with facts about coyotes.

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