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Divinity Roxx

Courtesy of Divinity Roxx

This Week: Divinity Roxx

2022 Grammy Nominee Divinity Roxx is a superstar bassist, and longtime member of Beyoncés touring band. This time on The Children's Hour, she guest deejays the show, and answers all of our many questions about life as a rock star.

We learn about her "late start" as a musician, and how the love of an instrument can lead a person down a magical path. We also hear about what it was like to perform at the White House, and rock on stage with Beyoncé.

Divinity Roxx kids' release called Ready, Set, Go! has been nominated for a Grammy for Best Children's Release of 2022. It motivates young people to get up and move, as well as listen to their mamas!

We're thrilled to be joined by an up and coming legend of the Kindie children's music world, Divinity Roxx.

Divinity has chosen our playlist, which is a showcase of great black musical artists from across the spectrum of genres and years.

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