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Solar Energy

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This Week:
Solar Energy

This week on The Children's Hour we learn about the most inexpensive energy source in the world: solar power. In a show recorded live at the New Mexico Solar Energy Association's Solar Fiesta, the kids talk with solar educator and engineer, Marlene Brown.

Find out how solar cells work, why we need transmission lines, and how everyone can benefit from the warming power of the sun without any wires or fancy equipment.

Featuring interactive live music with Eileen and the In-Betweens, our Kids Crew, and much more. Learn about solar energy with us!

Find a free Learn-Along Guide to accompany this episode at https://childrenshour.org/solar-energy

This episode was produced by Katie Stone, our Executive Producer and our Senior Producer, Christina Stella, and recorded by Andrés Martínez at the University of New Mexico campus. Our Learn-Along Guides are written by Jonathan Dunski. Many thanks to Marlene Brown and Andrew Stone for providing the opportunity to broadcast at the New Mexico Solar Energy Association’s 50th Annual Solar Fiesta in summer 2022.

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