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Living The Dream

Photo: Courtesy of Megan Piphus

This Week:
Living The Dream

This time on The Children’s Hour, we’re joined by Sesame Street’s first Black woman puppeteer, Megan Piphus. Portraying six year old Muppet Gabrielle, Megan is living her dream life on the street she came to know as a tiny child. Megan is a self trained ventriloquist and she shares some of her secrets with the Kids Crew.

Megan has just released her first children’s album called Spaceships & Dreams. The hip hop and soulful release was a collaboration with Bootsy Collins of Parliament fame.  Megan learned to sing at church, where her dad was the pastor. 

Hear tracks from her new album, and get captivated and inspired by Megan Piphus’s incredible success and achievements to make Sesame Street more diverse.

This episode was produced by Katie Stone, our Executive Producer, our Senior Producer, Christina Stella, post production from Ann Marie Awad, and transcription by Alexander Jacobson.

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