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New UNM course to focus on algorithmic justice

Christiaan Colen
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University Showcase 7/14 8a: Are you aware of how much algorithms fill your life? Did Netflix tell you about a show you might like? Were you denied a loan? Were you granted a loan? Many of these decisions were based on algorithms using some kind of data about you. Many proponents of them say algorithms are objective and accurate, but humans build them and just like humans, they make mistakes and they can amplify the problems in our society, especially in criminal justice.

Now a new course is in the works at the University of New Mexico on algorithmic justice. On this episode we talk with two of the professors developing that class. They are part of a cross-disciplinary group with other scholars and the Santa Fe Institute focused on algorithmic justice. Kathy Powers is an associate professor of political science. Sonia Gipson Rankin is an associate professor of law. They are among 12 faculty members at UNM been selected for the 2022 Women in STEM awards, which will help them develop the class.

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