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Let's Talk New Mexico State Pensions

Feb 28, 2019
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Let's Talk New Mexico 3/7 8a: Many people in New Mexico count on their retirement benefits to see them through their golden years, but some state pensions are reporting a major shortfall in the system looming on the horizon. Unless some big changes are made, officials say, the pension system may not be able to deliver in the future. Are you dependent on a pension? How might future changes affect your life? How the state can serve the needs of its retirees, while making sure that future generations aren’t left in the lurch? Email LetsTalk@kunm.org, tweet us using the #LetsTalkNM hashtag, or call in live during the show.

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KUNM Call In Show 3/23 8a: Call now toll-free 1-877-899-5866.  This year's 60-day legislative session wrapped up last weekend, but lawmakers may soon be called back by Governor Susana Martinez to continue debate on the state budget. We'll look at the latest news from the Roundhouse and we ask you to share what you think would make state government more accessible and accountable to everyday New Mexicans.