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Want To Vote In The New Mexico Primary? Register By Today

@jbtaylor via Flickr
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The deadline to register to vote in the primary election is May 10th, 2016. New Mexico doesn’t have open primary elections,  so if you’re not registered as a Democrat or a Republican in this state, you won’t be able to vote in those party primaries.

To register you need three pieces of information: your Social Security number, your date of birth, and either your driver’s license number or state ID number. You can do it online or through your county clerk’s office.

And for people who have already registered, remember: Every two years, the clerk’s offices are required to purge unresponsive voters from the rolls. So make sure to check your status with your county clerk or the secretary of state.

Here are some helpful links:

Register to vote online: Your personal information must match the information that's on file with the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD)

Check your registration status with the Secretary of State's Office

Frequently asked questions about voting from the Secretary of State's Office

Contact information for all New Mexico county clerks

More Registration Questions? Call the Secretary of State's Office: 505-827-3600

Want to know more about the candidates and where they stand on the issues? The League of Women Voters offers a nonpartisan guide.

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