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Roswell City Council To Consider Concealed Carry Measure

zaphad1 via Flickr
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Roswell city councilors are expected to decide on Oct. 12 if city employees should have the option to conceal carry a weapon on the job.

The policy would let all city employees, not just a handful of groups like law enforcement, carry concealed weapons at work. They would also need a concealed carry permit from the state.

Jason Perry is one of the councilors who introduced the measure. He said all employees should be able to defend themselves on city property.

“Whether it be a librarian, whether it be a meter reader, whether it be a clerk who sits behind a desk, I want them to feel safe when they come to work,” he said.

As for the types of guns allowed on city property, employees would be able to carry guns that they had qualified for in a state administered test, said Perry.

Roswell City Councilor Juan Oropesa is the only member of the council’s legal committee who opposed taking the measure to the full council.

“It’s not a good policy for the city of Roswell to allow city employees to be carrying weapons while at work," said Oropesa. “My personal opinion is, the more weapons that you have in the community, the more chance of things to go wrong.”

The proposed policy comes in the wake of a mass shooting at a library in Clovis on August 28.


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