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With many attendees and high valuations, the Antiques Roadshow in Santa Fe airs next week

Tony Abeyta (left) appraises an early 20th C. Joseph Henry Sharp oil portrait, in Santa Fe, NM
Meredith Nierman for GBH, (c) WGBH 2022
Tony Abeyta (left) appraises an early 20th C. Joseph Henry Sharp oil portrait, in Santa Fe, NM

Last June, the Antiques Roadshow came to Santa Fe and streams of people showed up, many carrying objects.

The show's executive producer Marsha Bemko said they had a warm welcome.

"The highest attendance we had of all of our cities by quite a bit was in Santa Fe," she said.

In a city full of antiques and curios, people brought along all kinds of objects to Museum Hill to show the experts.

"We found a lot of really special items, and an unusual amount of them."

The items included autographs from Muhammad Ali and Alfred Hitchcock, sculptures, paintings and a Native American beaded shirt. Some were valued in the six figures.

But Bemko says most people don't sell.

"99.9% of it the owners will not part with it, no matter what we tell them it's worth," she said. "Most people think, 'oh, I'd sell that.' Yeah, you would because it wasn't your great great grandmother's object."

Three episodes of The Antiques Roadshow will air on PBS, at 7pm on January 23, January 30 and February 6. They will also be available for streaming on the PBS app.

Alice Fordham joined the news team in 2022 after a career as an international correspondent, reporting for NPR from the Middle East and later Latin America and Europe. She also worked as a podcast producer for The Economist among other outlets, and tries to meld a love of sound and storytelling with solid reporting on the community. She grew up in the U.K. and has a small jar of Marmite in her kitchen for emergencies.
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