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"Exhaling Space": An Interview With Alejandro Rutty

Alejandro Rutty

Sat. 7/21, 4:15p: On Corazón Tanguero, a conversation hosted by Cristina Baccin with Argentinian musician and composer Alejandro Rutty, currently Associate Professor of Music at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro about his new album “Exhaling space”, a project that musically portrays the basic need -but often forgotten- for space and breathing.

In this dialogue, Professor Alejandro Rutty walks with the listener in the paths of his aspiration to recreate a musical language that inhales South American folkloric genres and tango, and exhales a speech of his own. We invite the listeners to be open to a new experience in tango. 


1- Exhaling space for string quartet / Exhaling Space / Alejandro Rutty / Navona Records

2- Martian milonga/ Exhaling Space / Alejandro Rutty / Navona Records

3- Qualia for piano/ Exhaling Space / Alejandro Rutty / Navona Records

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