Tanya Cole


I grew up in Albuquerque and have been listening to KUNM for more than thirty years.  I have always been a lover of music. WKRP in Cincinnati has a special place in my heart. I got my start in radio in college in Oregon at KBVR Corvallis. I dj-ed and managed the station as well.  That experience afforded me many opportunities to learn about music and broadcasting, as well as meet some great people. I also volunteered at KBOO in Portland, OR mostly helping with live music events. I volunteered at KUNM during 2004, mostly hosting Performance Today and the occasional Overnight Free Form.  I returned as a volunteer in 2014, hosting Performance Today on Tuesdays and eventually ending up as a Monday Afternoon Free Form host. Currently, I work behind the scenes in the Production department. I also am on the air as a fill-in host for Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, and All Things Considered.


Ways to Connect

Wed. 11/14 1:30p: Afternoon Free Form host Tanya Cole will speak with Sas Bator Colonnas and Diego Pani. They are from Sardinia, Italy and are visiting New Mexico in honor of the Society for Ethnomusicology conference taking place this week in Albuquerque. Sas Bator Colonnas will make their debut performance in the United States right here in Albuquerque at the Outpost Performance Space on Friday, November 16th.

Sas Bator Colonnas is a multipart singing group from the Scano di Montiferro, a mountainous region in central Sardinia, Italy who started singing together in 2002. They carry on the vernacular multipart singing practice— one of the most representative cultural forms of their village—which is performed by four male singers and is called ‘cuncordu.’ Diego Pani is the manager of the musical patrimony of the Istituto Superiore Regionale Etnografico (ISRE) and a Ph.D. Student in Ethnomusicology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. His research focuses on the dynamics of music performance of young generations of musicians.

Lindy Vision

May 16, 2018

LINDY VISION LIVE Tonight we feature the Albuquerque indie rockers Lindy Vision.  Since emerging in 2014 the trio has been releasing albums & EPs at an impressive pace, and for this session they premiered newly-written songs,  along with material from their 2017 album "Jute." Recorded on May 8, 2018 by Roman Garcia,Lindy Vision are: Dee Dee Cuylear: vocals, synthNa Cuylear: guitar, vocalsCarla Cuylear: drums, vocals, sampler In-studio interview by Tanya Cole; Fifth Beatle: Jesse Mortensen. Follow Lindy Vision at www.lindyvisionmusic.com or on Facebook

La Jicarita / WordPress

Mon. 2/5 2p:  Local musician, dancer, & farmer Fidel Gonzalez is accompanied by Cristian Orellana in the Studios at KUNM on Monday (2/5/18) Afternoon Free Form.  They play a few songs and chat about music and local agriculture.  Fidel founded Moktezu Mart Market a few months ago very near to UNM.  There will be a party at the market this Wednesday, Valentine's Day with music and food. The band Los Jaraneros will perform.  Find out more on Facebook!

Fidel Gonzalez- Guitar

Cristian Orellana- Flutes

Mon. 3/6 1:30p: We'll honor World Storytelling Day Saturday, March 18th with Argentinean storyteller, Matilde Machiavello.  She will talk about a celebratory event that will be at the South Broadway Cultural Center on the 18th.  She may even share a story or two.

Tickets and info at www.southbroadwaytickets.com

Center for Southwest Research

Mon. 3/21 1:30p: UNM was founded as a coed university in 1889.  After some research at UNM, a university communications representative with the help of the librarian archivist was able to dig up this photo showing the first female graduates.  The size of the graduate class was 80 and the women got their degrees in teaching. In honor of Women's History Month, you'll hear a few selections from the KUNM library that address women's rights, struggles and history. Tune in to hear that and, of course, some terrific freeform selections.