Republicans Head To N.M. Polls With Few Choices

Jun 5, 2018

Bob Moyer wasn’t thrilled about the slim pickings on the Republican side. Nine of the state’s 12 major races have a single Republican candidate running unopposed. His concerns about public safety drove him to the polls.

"Crime is the big issue that needs to be addressed, needs to be taken care of," he said.

Patricia Raquet is a registered Republican voter.
Credit May Ortega | KUNM

Patricia Raquet, also a Republican, had been out of town and out of the loop for several weeks before Election Day. But she knew what issues mattered to her.


"Education, for one. As a former teacher, of course, that would rate pretty high on my priority list," she said. "I’m thinking about gun control of some sort or another. I’d like to see somebody doing something about that."

And Irma Luna came out to maintain and grow Republican power here and in D.C.

"I’m voting Republican all the way this year because I definitely love Donald Trump," she said. "He’s done a wonderful job for us."

Luna said she thinks life has improved for people in rural areas since Trump’s election. And she hopes that keeps going with more Republican leaders in New Mexico.