Tech Experts To Streamline Access To Jobs And Services

Feb 3, 2015

Members of the Code For America team in Albuquerque.
Credit Rita Daniels

Albuquerque welcomed a crew of techies on Tuesday as part of a fellowship program. Over the coming year the team will focus on connecting the people of Albuquerque with services and opportunities to make money.

The Code for America fellows are cutting-edge computer designers and developers.

They’ve come to town to help Albuquerque develop an online hub where people can more easily tap into some of the city’s underused services.

Fellow Jennings Hanna says to kick things off they ran a mock-up of the film industry economy.  

“So we built a prototype that would allow people in the city to take a selfie and sign up as a potential extra,” Hanna explained. “The idea is that a student or someone that worked part time could maybe make some money on their day off.”

Albuquerque is one of eight cities chosen for the fellowship program.