Voices Behind The Vote: Disability Rights The Focus For Mother, Daughter

Oct 28, 2014

Rosemarie Sanchez and her 39-year-old daughter Nannie are disability rights advocates and hard-line Democrats. Rosemarie adopted Nannie, a child born with Down syndrome, when she was an infant. KUNM Public Health New Mexico reporter Marisa Demarco caught up with them at their home in Albuquerque’s Clayton Heights to talk about how their lives and their politics intertwine. 

Nannie Sanchez hosts her public access TV show "Self-Advocacy and Empowerment," produced in collaboration with Quote...Unquote, Inc.

Both women are concerned about changes to the developmental disability waiver in New Mexico.

Nannie Sanchez started voting as soon as she turned 18 and has been politically involved all her life. During the session, she worked at the Legislature. She's voting for Gov. Susana Martinez' opponent. "Gary King is a good person. He talked to me. He said he would create a disability cabinet," she said.

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