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Voces del Sur

Photo: Bobby Gutierrez (https://www.instagram.com/bg1313bg)
Marta Payan/Cecilia Piñón";

Mon.9/18, 7p: Oral history through "testimonio" is at the heart of the community collective project, Humans of New Mexico/Humanosde Nuevo México. We´ll listen to the powerful story of southern New Mexico organizers and community members - Martha Payan and Cecilia Piñon.


Chaparral resident, Martha Payan, talks about the high need of resources in southern New Mexico: “A mí me preocupa mi comunidad porque estamos muy abandonados aquí. Muy abandonados estamos. Nuestros gobernantes no más nos visitan cuando necesitan el voto. (I worry about my community because we are very abandoned here. Truly abandoned. Our politicians only visit us when they want the vote.)”.


Cecilia Piñon, community member in Anthony, details the fear that exists for southern New Mexico immigrant populations: “Yo de niña llegué a trabajar con mis papas en lo que es la agricultura, recogiendo el chile y la cebolla. Y me acuerdo que había inmigración en ese tiempo. Llegaba inmigración y la gente se iba corriendo. Ahora que empezó con lo de Trump, se ha vuelto a ver mucho lo que es las redadas. (When I was a little girl I worked my parents in agriculture, picking chile and cebolla. I remember immigration enforcement at that time. When immigration would come, people would go running. Now with the whole Trump thing, a resurface of raids has happened again.)”


With the goal of gathering the diversity of New Mexican cultural traditions, the project Humans of New Mexico focuses on oral history -recorded and archived for future generations- prioritizing oral and language traditions. This show was hosted by Moisés Santos with Rafael Martínez and Bobby Gutierrez, and edition and production by Froilan Orozco along with recording, editing and transcription of the interviews by the Humans of New Mexico collective with Cristina Baccin´s support.


Rafael is a PhD candidate in American Studies at the University of New Mexico. His research involves a deep social, historical and political analysis of immigrant rights and undocumented youth. As an UndocuScholar Activist, Rafael is engaged in projects that seek to connect academic work with community development. Rafael is the founder of the Humans of New Mexico, a statewide media oral history project. As a member of the Raíces Collective, he hosts the monthly “Humans of New Mexico” show on Espejos de Aztlán, where stories from all over the state are featured. rafaelmartinez@kunm.org
Bobby Gutierrez is a lifelong New Mexican, is a photographer, radio host, and glazier. His work with two local collectives, Raíces of KUNM and Humans of New Mexico, focuses on celebrating the culture and people of the state. In addition to contributing his photography to HNM he also helps produce the monthly "Humans of New Mexico" show for Espejos de Aztlán and co-hosts the music show "Raíces".
Froilan Orozco is a Master’s candidate in American Studies at the University of New Mexico. His interests are in cinematic representations, Mexican American history, borderlands, and the U.S. Southwest. He is a collective member of Humans of New Mexico, a statewide media oral history project, and hosts their monthly show on Espejos de Aztlán as a member in the Raíces Collective.froilanorozco@kunm.org
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