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Neuropathologist Combines Music Composition With Brain Research

SilverGryphon8 via CC

  Friday 9/21: This episode is all about the brain. Dr. Elaine Bearer is a neuropathologist at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Her work has includes studyingbiomarkers of trauma and abuse in children and whether the cause of Alzheimer's disease may come from infections. Dr. Bearer is also a composer and it was music that spurred her interest in studying the brain.

Elaine Bearer
Elaine Bearer


Dr. Bearer is also a composer and it was music that spurred her interest in studying the brain. She was interested in pursuing science in college but her high school guidance counselor informed her that woman don't do science. Fortunately she found a way to study computer science and music together at Carnegie Tech and later got a bachelor's degree from the Manhattan School of Music. She also has a master's degree in musicology and an MD-PhD degree.


Also on this show, Marty Adamsmith talks with David Bridwellwith the Mind Research Network.



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