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Voices Behind The Vote: Medical Marijuana Program Sparks Enthusiasm

eggrole via Flickr

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Robert Pack is a fourth generation cotton and alfalfa farmer from Eddy County. Although a registered Democrat, Pack says he has never voted party line in his life.

Pack says he's not thrilled with either gubernatorial candidate. But he is a medical marijuana patient and is basing his vote on the fact that Republican Gov. Susana Martinez said she would shut down the state's medical cannabis program when she was campaigning four years ago.

Credit Carlsbad Current Argus 3/26/14
Robert Pack was diagnosed with adult onset epilepsy in 2005 and has found great relief from medical marijuana.

"She has not done so," Pack explained, "and since her election the program has swelled to more than 11,000 people. At this point it seems inconceivable that it could be closed down. However, I think it is a very serious reality that if elected to another four years, Susana Martinez could see it within her power to have the freedom to do so. That is the single issue that is driving me to vote for anyone that is opposing her." 


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