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Voter Voices: Bill Clinton Stumps For Hillary In Albuquerque

Gage Skidmore
Creative Commons via Flickr

Bill Clinton campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Albuquerque, Wednesday. KUNM’s Anna Lande checked in with folks at the rally about why they came out to see the former president, and why they support his wife’s candidacy.


Hershell McCarty, Los Lunas: We’re out here to support Hillary Clinton. We hope to hear what her platform will be, what things she is going to offer to the country, and things like that. If Hillary doesn’t get it, I’ll vote for Bernie. If Bernie doesn’t get it, I’ll vote for Hillary. I won’t vote for Trump. Mr. Trump is entitled to his own opinion, and I don’t agree with his opinion, but he is entitled to it.

Suzanne Bowden, Rio Rancho: I’m here to see Bill, because I really believe in Hillary. I think she is what our country needs. I hope he is going to give us some really good tips and some things that we can be doing here in New Mexico to help support her and get her candidacy off the ground and really going. Of course, I’d love to see Hillary, but I understand. And I’m just thrilled, Bill that was able to come and see us here in New Mexico. And what do I think about Sanders? I think he is a really nice man. I think he is a really good person, but I’ve watched him. He is very principled. Unfortunately, he’s not willing to bend at all to get things done. 

Andrea-Siteri Jines, Albuquerque: I support Hillary. I believe she’s the only one that’s got the grit to get us where we need to get.  I think she covers the issues that concern me the most. What do I think of Trump? I think he’s a demagogue. I think he’s a misogynist. I think that he’s a bigot. So, that’s what I think about Donald Trump.

Sonny Christopher Haquani, Albuquerque: I hope to see a glimpse of Hillary’s policies and her outlook for the future. I think Bill is doing a great job representing his wife, as well. On Senator Sanders, I think he has some great policies as far as domestic issues. But, at the same time, I think he lacks a lot of foreign policy experience that is too important on the global scale. Mr. Trump, I prefer not to say his name. I think even if what he is doing is just purely for the sake of getting a rise out of people and sensationalizing the process, he has blood on his hands now. And I think the brand of bigotry and divisiveness he’s propagating has absolutely no place in American politics.

Michelle Watson and Donna Hodnett, Rio Rancho: 

Michelle: [We’re here] just to support Hillary. She doesn’t just represent New Mexico women, but women all across the world. And yes, she is a woman, but that’s not the main thing. She represents the values of America.

Donna: Same.

Michelle: I just want to hear Hillary’s husband support her and tell us a little bit more about what she wants to do when she wins the democratic nomination. I thought she would at least come, but we’ll take Bill.

Donna: Donald Trump is not qualified, and neither is Bernie Sanders. They are not qualified to be president. Hillary Clinton is the most experienced, most qualified, and she’s got an even temper. We can’t have Donald Trump in the White House. He’s got very thin skin. And no matter what people say, something is going to trigger him and go off. We can’t have that in the White House.

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