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Voter Voices: Does New Mexico's Primary Matter?

Voters are going to the polls today to vote in New Mexico’s primary election.

Donald Trump has the support of enough delegates to be the presumptive Republican nominee for president. The Associated Press reports the same for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic nomination, although Bernie Sanders says he’ll keep up the fight until the Democratic National Convention in July.

We checked in with folks at the polling stations in Albuquerque to see why they came out to vote. 

Natalie Romero, Albuquerque: I think it’s very important that people still vote in the primaries today. Every vote counts and that’s part of being a democracy. Everybody’s voice should be heard. It might not count as much as some of the bigger states, but I think we definitely matter.

Adam Snider, Silver City: I voted for Bernie because I feel the burn. I’m just kidding. It’s just like, we have so few delegates to give out anyway. It’s more just for the principle of the matter. Even if Bernie doesn’t win, I think he’s created a catalyst for a movement among young people and I think being part of that is pretty important.

Matthew Brodrick, Roswell: I voted for Donald Trump because he’s the only one I think who can make a difference. The New Mexico primaries matter like the California primaries matter. You’re supposed to vote. I think it’s very important. It’s a right, but it’s also necessary.

Carson Bennett, Albuquerque: I voted for Hillary, and I think she has the best platform. I think it's definitely important for New Mexicans to still vote in the primaries, because it still shows active participation in the democratic process.

John Tye, Albuquerque: So, I wound up voting for Jeb Bush. Only because there’s no way in you know what that I am voting for Donald Trump. Just for local elections that are going on, getting our vote cast for that, I think that is important for how we operate as a state. The number of delegates we have just really doesn’t matter, especially when we are going up against New Jersey or California.

Kip, Albuquerque: I voted for Bernie today. I think that the primary in New Mexico still matters, because today is also a day that other states are holding a primary. I think even though we are a small state we’re getting a lot of attention. You know, we’re here, we’re a state, we actually matter.

KUNM and New Mexico PBS are partnering up tonight for live primary election coverage. We’ll also go live to NPR news for updates on today’s primaries. Join us tonight, at 7 p.m. or stream the specials online.   

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