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Voter Voices: Gary Johnson Rallies In Albuquerque

Anna Lande / KUNM
Gary Johnson campaign supplies cover this table at a rally in Albuquerque on Saturday

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson was in Albuquerque Saturday to rally supporters for his presidential bid as the Libertarian candidate. Gary Johnson needs to reach 15 percent in some national polls to be included in presidential debates alongside Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. KUNM's Anna Lande was there to find out why people are thinking of voting for Johnson.

Nadie Watson, Aztec: I love Gary. He is the governor that showed America how freedom works. And through our state of New Mexico, he was the one who revolutionized it.  The two party system is so outdated, and there has to be more options. There’s so much more to America than the two people right now. Having that third option, or fourth option, fifth whatever, should be the people’s choice. And it should be on morals and what you believe, your political views, and it shouldn’t be a popularity contest. It should be what you feel is true to yourself. 

Victor Winter, Albuquerque: I came because I’m interested to see what Gary Johnson has to say about our elections and his stance on his policies and stuff. I specifically came to ask about his position on Citizens United. I’m just happy to see what he has to say because I was happy what with he did for us as a governor. So I am interested to see what he can do as a president.

Ani Wooten, Bernalillo County: I’m all for Gary Johnson. He’s not flashy. He sticks to his words, and I know he will get things done. That’s what this country needs right now. We do not need liars, we do not need someone who doesn’t know what he or she is doing. We need Gary Johnson.

Jose Ramirez, Albuquerque: We need a true leader right now in America. And this is my first rally ever. I think we’re here to support him, and I think we’re going to make history. He represents everybody throughout the country. We’re a very diverse country, and he addresses everything thoroughly, and that’s what we want. That’s what we need in this country. 

Credit Anna Lande / KUNM
Nina Patton, age 6, attended the rally with her father.

Richard and Nina Patton, Cedar Crest: It seemed like an opportunity to both support Governor Johnson and to bring my six-year old to her first political rally. She likes to party. I think he represents the important New Mexico values, and concerns.

Nina: Very important.

Richard: Nina says very important. I think he represents, particularly for me and my family, the idea that New Mexico and other places in the country can get by just fine without basing our economy on warfare and its tools.

Nina: Absolutely.

Richard: I think it’s critical that people believe that they have more than two choices. The other two choices in my evaluation are voting for more bombing and indiscriminate murder of people in other places in the world that we have no business being. 

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