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Pedrotty Enthusiastic Despite Election Loss

Melorie Begay

The youngest of Albuquerque’s mayoral hopefuls got only 6.8 percent of the vote on Tuesday. But Gus Pedrotty plans to have an impact on the city even without the title of mayor.

The 22-year-old candidate was surrounded by teachers, physicists, and doctors at his watch party at Boese Brother’s Brewery. Despite his loss, Gus Pedrotty was enthusiastic about his experience in the campaign. Will he run for office again?

“I have no idea,” he said. “Politics isn’t a government office for me, politics is seeing a need and filling it. You can do that anywhere.”

Pedrotty said he’s focusing on coming up with solutions for the issues he sees in the community, “and I hope to be an active community member wherever I land, and be sure that I advocate for needs that aren’t being addressed.”  

He said five years ago running for mayor wasn’t even on his radar, but now he plans to stay engaged and take days as they come. 

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